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Hi! I’m Sean, a tech enthusiast turned software engineer based (proudly) in San Francisco with my beautiful wife, our two truly astonishing kids, and our adorable 3.5 pound gateway pup, Pixel. He was momentarily Instagram famous, but then we had human kids and his career took a back seat.

I’ve always had a deep passion for new technology, problem-solving, and creating novel, useful things. Now after a decade building a career in product marketing, I’m finally taking the leap to pursue my true passion in software engineering.

Since starting this journey, I’ve found such immense fulfillment in learning new skills, discovering creative solutions, and being a part of a community of driven developers. For me, this is a move that feels long overdue, so I’m excited to share it with you by learning in public.

I’ll be writing about by programming journey as well as the more generalizable habits of self discovery and personal growth that have gotten me here.

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I'm a dad of 2 living in San Francisco and making a career transition from marketing to software engineering. Follow along!